Therapist Greg

Hi everyone, my name is Greg Downes and I am a Sports Therapist, performing Remedial Massage and Myotherapy duties. I completed my 3 year Bachelor of Science in Sports Therapy degree in Birmingham, England, in 2020 and I have been working within the field ever since.

If you’re new to Sports Therapy, it’s an aspect of healthcare utilising sports & exercise principles to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients back to optimal function, regardless of occupation, sport, and age. A Sports Therapist has the knowledge, skills, and ability with a hands-on approach to work with clients in sport and non sport settings to restore their optimal function and minimise further re-injury.

The treatments that I provide are Dry needling, sports massage and deep tissue massage. If you are after a more relaxed treatment, then I can provide you with a remedial massage also.

Seeing my clients get back to their best version of themselves gives me such a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Come and see me and I’ll help you get your body moving better again.

Photo of Massage Therapist Greg - Middle to younger aged male in a dark blue t-shirt